ReneSys ENERGY Italia was born from the partnership between the US company ReneSys ENERGY INC. – a leading company in product and process technology for advanced storage systems – and the Milanese Widech SpA, with the aim of realizing in Italy its first assembly line for the production of cells and modules for lithium-ion batteries of the latest generation.

The innovative project will involve the realization of 4 factories in Italy in the next 3 years designed to produce each about 10 ESS/month units with a capacity of more than 2.5 MWh with a maximum production of 133 units per year.

An important and significant first step was taken by taking advantage of the opportunity of the PNRR and protocolling an application subject in part to public funding. In collaboration with local Italian government agencies, in fact, ReneSys ENERGY Italia has laid the foundations to build the first modular, decentralized, vertically integrated, fast and environmentally friendly battery production in Lazio. It is an alternative model to the expensive “GIGA FACTORY” with a close time to market and that aims to enhance the disused industrial areas of our country without further consumption of territory.

ReneSys ENERGY Italia has commissioned and cooperated with the main suppliers in the sector for the supply of materials and industrial processes, including the innovative Manz, Buhler and Munters. In particular, it established an exclusive relationship with the German Manz for the supply of machinery for the production of basic components for industrial storage. The strategic agreements in place will quickly allow the start-up of the first factories in Italy.

The dialogues for the construction of the additional 3 plants in central and southern Italy are already underway and the sites for their construction have already been identified with the possibility of expanding to other European neighbouring countries.

The strong partnership and important development prospects led US ReneSys ENERGY INC. to subscribe last October 2022 the Participatory Financial Instrument (SFP), issued by Widech SpA, already partly signed by CDP Venture.

Nick Clark, CFO of ReneSys ENERGY, “Widech is the ideal partner in Italy. Its professionals have a great knowledge of the energy market and an innovative plan to meet current demand, as well as mandates for the energy transition until 2030”.

Giacomo Ortolano, CEO of Widech SpA, “We believe that ReneSys ENERGY’s approach to the production of ESS batteries and modules, vertically integrated, modular, locally sourced and directed to the consumer, is the correct vision in which the market is heading. Our aim is to lead the sustainable energy transition in Europe and re-industrialize production in Italy”.