we began our journey giving a glimpse to the future

Widech was born in 2020 with the reverse takeover of out Semplicemente S.p.A., aiming to carry out energy and environmental sustainability projects in advance of the new economy of today’s ecological transition.



Semplicemente S.p.A. was founded in 2009 in Milan as a company active in professional services, insurance and digital telematics.



Relaunch plan from Semplicemente S.p.A. to Widech S.p.A.



Widech S.p.A. was born from a reverse takeover with a turnaround of assets and resources with the aim of becoming one of the leading smart greentech companies internationally.



Widech is engaged in PNRR projects for the future of our country.

“Our history is marked by the accelerated pace for the transformation of the world towards sustainability that has led Widech to be the enabling platform to support positive environmental change”.