Enabling platform for environmental sustainability and energy transition projects

An industrial group active in the field of environmental sustainability and innovative technologies, Widech operates as an enabling platform that aggregates subsidiaries and partners, proposing itself as a player of services and solutions in the field of sustainability.

Through a technological ecosystem that combines greentech and digital, Widech aims to respond to the needs of the market by accompanying the various realities towards an energy transition based on data, information and knowledge.

We are a player of services and solutions in the field of sustainability

Through a proprietary metric, Widech measures the environmental footprint of its customers and governs the achievement of zero emissions targets, engineering the most competitive greentech solutions.

We have chosen the best talents and the most innovative national technologies

Through the integration of environmental sensors, algorithms and artificial intelligence, Widech governs the complex phenomena of the energy and environmental future of Industries, Organizations and Communities for a more sustainable planet.

We all work together in order to reduce greenhouse gases

The architecture of the platform

Widech has created a specific architecture to offer itself as an integrated player of technologies and infrastructural solutions that leverage excellence in the collection, management and analysis of environmental, organizational and economic data for an effective execution of the transition

The company is active in the development of special projects in Italy and abroad concerning renewable energy (mainly solar and biomethane) with the role of global coordinator and developer. It offers customer support from the project set-up (e.g. land identification) to the delivery of the solution (e.g. off-taker identification) and provides integrated assistance along the entire supply chain to enable and accelerate the construction of large renewable plants

The company designs and manufactures machines for the production of energy from the exploitation of wave motion with zero environmental and visual impact. It has numerous proprietary patents, registered all over the world, dedicated to technology for extracting energy from wave motion and has been chosen by Enel Green Power as a technology to focus on in the field of marine energy. Over the years, the company has raised more than 10 million euros in private investments

The company is a university spin-off that offers services in the design, development, characterization and marketing of products and systems in the field of chemical and electronic engineering. It provides technical-scientific assistance for the development of processes and products in the field of biomaterials and environmental technologies

The company produces under international license the most advanced lithium ion cell storage system for industrial conservation and the enhancement of renewable energy for maximizing investments and business continuity

The company is the first technology aggregator (Demand Response Side Aggregator) in the energy flexibility market. It has acquired technological developments aimed at creating a Balancing Demand Response platform and has aggregated UVAM, that is a set of managed customers who use the monitoring and modeling service. Balanchain has the exclusive right on the Italian territory of the licenses for the exploitation of the patented mathematical methods contained in the IT platform

The company is an operator in the Big Data sector. It owns a platform that creates a complete ecosystem, designed natively for the treatment of big data, which offers data management and processing solutions and is characterized by speed, accuracy, power, versatility, scalability, security, competence, automation. The platform is already used by an institutional body

The company is a startup active in the robotics sector. It develops and manufactures robotic systems that move autonomously on any type of terrain, in connection with proprietary software called Human Behavior. The company’s team is made up of CNR researchers, electronic and computer engineers

The company operates in the field of mobility and insurance telematics. It has signed exclusive license agreements for the exploitation of some patents related to the creation of a virtual platform for the optimization of fleets, environmental impact and insurance costs. It is able to process vehicle data and combine it with driver behavior data and external data (e.g. tracking, event analysis). The company has developed an industrial plan focused on an innovative positioning strategy in the insurtech sector dedicated to the LPT (Local Public Transport) sector

The company is a university spin-off that also offers design on demand with a close time to market of environmental sensors (air, water, soil, etc.) for transport, health and safety of the territory with the aim of responding to the needs of specific analyzes and to industrialize their monitoring