The transition to carbon-free 24/7 energy is a goal that requires commitment and understanding from a wide range of stakeholders. In fact, an increasing number of energy buyers, such as companies and governments, are adopting innovative strategies for decarbonization.

This is a new approach that presents challenges and opportunities, demanding resources and dedication. Achieving carbon-free, 24/7 energy involves a level of market knowledge and sophistication that may be unattainable for many small buyers.

Despite the challenges, the aspiration for carbon-free, 24/7 energy can contribute to promoting the development of new clean technologies and enable a transition to a fully sustainable energy grid.

Widech S.p.A. with its expertise in the greentech and digital sectors, positions itself as a key partner to support this transition towards a sustainable energy future.

There is still much work to be done, but the time to address the hourly use of clean energy is now.