ReneSys Energy Italia, a subsidiary of Widech S.p.A., is actively committed to leading the global energy transition by offering cutting-edge modular production lines for lithium-ion battery cells.

ReneSys aims to make four significant industrial investments in our country for the production of next-generation battery cells for a total storage capacity of 1 GW.

In this ambitious initiative, ReneSys has established an exclusive strategic partnership with Manz AG, a renowned German supplier and global leader in industrial processes and production technology for new lithium-ion batteries.

The initial order has a total volume of approximately 25 million euros for a production line in Italy for prismatic lithium-ion cells with a total annual capacity of 250 MWh. ReneSys Energy Italia Srl also plans to deploy three additional identical lines in Italy.

The collaboration will enable ReneSys to achieve efficient, reliable, and high-quality production of lithium battery cells, thereby contributing to the growth of the clean energy industry.